Vehicle & cargo identification and inspection solutions



Company profile & History

NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES S.A.S. is a French company established in 2001 on the technology park of Futuroscope and has a capital of 136,000 €.

In July 2007, NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES integrates MontBlanc Technologies S.A.S, a French industrial group with a capital of 1,020,500 €.


NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES is an innovative IT company that develops and sells solutions for recognition and inspection of vehicle and cargo

  • Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR).
  • Automatic License / Number Plate Recognition (ALPR / ANPR).
  • Automatic Wagon Number Recognition (AWNR). 
  • Container Damage Inspection (CDI).
  • Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS)...


The solutions provided by NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES are used
 to automatically identify and/or verify vehicles and cargo entering or leaving the sites or passing through the systems of its customers :

  • Port facilites :
    • Container storage areas,
    • Container terminals,
    • Dry ports...
  • Official buildings and sites:
    • Embassy,
    • Ministry,
    • Governmental sites...
  • Sensitive sites :
    • Cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection scanners,
    • Border crossings,
    • Airports,
    • Military installations,
    • Gated communities...   
  • Industrial and commercial sites :
    • Weighbridges,
    • Car parks,
    • Hotels...
  Our products

Identification & Inspection solutions

NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES provides a range of "TREX" (Text Recognition and EXtraction) solutions :
  • TREX-CONTAINER Automatic container code recognition (ISO-6346) and container damage inspection solution
  • TREX-UVSS Under Vehicle Scanning solution for finding suspect objects like weapon, explosive device, drug...
  • TREX-PARKING Automatic license plate recognition solution.
  • TREX-WAGON Automatic wagon number recognition solution.

Software suite & Hardware

NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES offers a flexible and modular software suite and all the equipment necessary for the installation of its solutions:

  • Image acquisition application and OCR modules,
  • Database management and web service,
  • Operating software,
  • High-resolution digital cameras,
  • LED illuminations,
  • Sensors,
  • Junction box,
  • Gantry,
  • Masts,
  • Bollards,
  • Cables,
  • Industrial connectors,
  • Computers...

Specific solutions

In addition to its own standard solutions, NESTOR TECHNOLOGIES can adapt, study and create systems or software to meet your specific needs in the area of vehicle & cargo recognition and inspection or in the field of image analysis.